Happy Birthday during COVID-19 Isolation


How do you celebrate a birthday and still maintain social distancing?

Happy Birthday to Ann McCracken.  The Favourite Four sang for Ann while she sat on her driveway. The quartet sang while standing six feet away from each other and everyone else.  Calgary Alberta social distancing and physical distancing rules to combat the spread of COVID-19 dictate that people can't have big parties for significant birthdays.  So Ann's family hired the Faves to come sing for her outside her home.

The Favourite Four sang a half hour set for Ann including a song written just for her.  They came in separate cars to maintain physical distancing.

Ann had been worried about her significant day passing without fanfare.  But her family had other ideas.

Pirates visited her.  Elvis visited her.  And the Faves came to sing at the end.

Ann was very excited about the day and said it was her best birthday ever.